Advanced Gamma-Spectrometry Software

The long existing well known software for semiconductor and scintillation detector gamma-efficiency calculations

Broad application range

Covering the vast majority of counting situations in gamma-spectrometry related sciences and applications

Utmost flexibility in the application

Employing the so-called efficiency transfer principle, Angle exhibits unrestrained flexibility in respect to sample vs. standards types, volumes, matrices, counting arrangements, activities, etc.

Easy data manipulation

Friendly and intuitive graphical user interface

Serving gamma spectrometry community since 1994

Angle runs tirelessly in numerous labs worldwide for nearly three decades

High value for money

Packed with all features and practicalities

All your work at one place

A single Angle copy supports an unlimited number of detectors, containers, sample types, material compositions, counting geometries, etc.

Educator and helper

The more you use Angle, the more you learn about gamma spectrometry, the more work you entrust to it, and the more you rely on it

Angle 5 is the latest version of the long existing and well known software for semiconductor and scintillation detector gamma-efficiency calculations.

Angle 5 combines advantages of both absolute and relative methods – minimizing potential for systematic errors in the former and reducing practical limitations of the latter.

Angle 5 is a result of many years of development, practical experience in numerous gamma-spectrometry laboratories worldwide and constructive users’ feedback. For the list of some prominent Angle users click here.

Broadly applicable